Partnered with deAsra Foundation for online payments and exploring other co-branding opportunities.

National Skill Development Corporation

Partnered with deAsra Foundation to support small and micro entrepreneurship that can generate large scale employment opportunities and help drive sustainable growth in employment.

Tata Trusts

Entrepreneurship development partner with deAsra Foundation. Tata Trusts, are striving to build a sustainable society and improve the lives of disadvantaged people.


Partnered with deAsra Foundation under ‘train the trainer’ model as facilitators for interacting and enhancing skills of small business entrepreneurs.

Lets Endorse

Partnered with deAsra Foundation for providing web-based services primarily to NGOs and other small-scale entrepreneurs.

Skill Dev. & Tech Ed Dept, Govt of Odisha

Handholding partner with deAsra Foundation, training youth in the age group of 15–34 to increase their skills, employability and income.

Institute of Rural Credit & Entrepreneurship Development

Handholding partners exploring entrepreneurship opportunities to promote rural & women entrepreneurship in Sangli and Pune.